Tyler Xianxian
Guozhuang Bei Xian County
Hebeichina Cangzhou 062254 China
Founded 2004

Tyler Xianxian is located in Hebei Province in the People’s Republic of China. They produce ductile iron waterworks fittings.

Located in Guozhuang Town, Tyler Xianxian is recognized as one of the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of ductile iron fittings in all of China. Used primarily in water and wastewater pipelines, our fittings are non-toxic, durable and 100 percent recyclable. Combine that with our cutting-edge facilities and innovative technologies and it’s easy to see why we are an economic and community leader. From advanced training to recycling initiatives, we are working hard to make sure that Tyler Xianxian continues to be the best in the industry.

Part of what makes Tyler Xianxian unique is our contribution to the Guozhuang Town community. We employ and support many local workers who supply a needed economic boost to the economy. Our impact comes in the form of jobs, taxes paid and faster economic development within the community. By paying fair wages and using local materials, we make a big difference. But we don’t stop at caring for our community; we care for our employees too. By training them thoroughly and using efficient technologies, we've made Tyler Xianxian a safe and productive place to work.

We understand that pipelines come in all sizes, so we produce high-quality products guaranteed to get the job done no matter what. With a history of quality and success, Tyler Xianxian manufactures excellence.