Tyler Union
Box 309
Anniston, AL 36202
Phone 800-226-7601 Founded 1892 Acquired 1977

Located in Anniston, AL, Tyler Union produces ductile iron waterworks fittings and cast iron waterworks fittings.


  • Cement Mortar and Asphaltic Material
  • Flanged Joints
  • Gaskets
  • Glands
  • MJ (Mechanical Joint) Fittings
  • Protective Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE)
  • Protecto 401
  • Push-On Joints
  • Series 1000 Tufgrip Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Series 1500 Tufgrip Dual Wedge Restraint
  • Series 2000 Tufgrip Restraint for PVC Pipe
  • Series 3000 Restraint
  • Series 4000 TufFlange Restraint for PVC, Ductile Iron, Steel and HDPE Pipe
  • Sure Stop 350 Gasket for Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Sure Stop 350 PVC Gasket for PVC Pipe
  • T Bolts & Nuts
  • Vale Boxes

Tyler Union has long been recognized as one of the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of ductile iron pipe fittings, restraints, municipal castings and accessories for much of the past century. Today Tyler Union employs more than 450 in its workforce. The company, founded in 1907 in Anniston, Alabama, as Union Foundry, has undergone many changes over the last 10 years — from building and starting a plant in 2005 in the Hebei Province of China to merging with the Utility Division of Tyler Pipe in 2008 (thereby establishing the name Tyler Union). It was the merging of these two U.S.-based foundries that created many job opportunities as Tyler Union opened Distribution and Sales Call Centers across the United States to improve service and delivery time to our customers. With our cutting-edge facilities, innovative technologies, and advanced training initiatives, Tyler Union has become an economic, environmental, and community leader. With our dedication to customer service and our communities, we work hard to make sure that Tyler Union continues to be the industry leader.