Toronto, August 10, 2020:  Futurecom Systems Group, ULC today announced the introduction of their Futurecom Repeater Configurator FRC programming software tool.  FRC replaces Tweaker which was Futurecom’s previous programming software tool. FRC is a unified configurator for all of Futurecom’s RF coverage solutions including the recently announced DVR-LX, VRX1000, DVR and PDR8000® – Portable Digital Repeater. 

A single launch point is the first noticeable change users notice when connecting their Futurecom solution to FRC.  Radio Engineers and technicians choose their specific Futurecom solution based on images displayed on the splash page. Once the specific solution is chosen this opens the desired programming page. FRC is fully backward compatible with the first-generation P25 DVR.

 “Consolidating all our programming software into one simplifies our customers’ already complicated tool suite, reducing time lost looking for the right tool”, said Dave Ray, Senior Director of Engineering.

FRC will be available as part of Motorola Solutions Inc. SR release 2020.3. and available for download from Futurecom’s website.

The terms “market leader” and “industry standard” are used by many companies because of their ambiguity. At Futurecom, we believe in “show me” don’t “tell me”. Futurecom’s radio coverage solutions are actively deployed by over 800 agencies worldwide. Thousands of those units have been in service for over 15 years. 

When first responders need RF coverage, they bring Futurecom.