OAKLAND, CA September 6, 2019: AB&I Foundry teamed up with local California authorities and melted down hundreds of confiscated firearms and weapons. The foundry has been in partnership with local law enforcement for more than 30 years. The gun melt program is designed to permanently remove guns and weapons from the streets of California to reduce violence in our communities.

At AB&I’s Open House event in August, residents were invited in to take foundry tours, and were able to witness law enforcement melting down these weapons. During the event, guns and weapons – including rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives and automatic rifles  that have been confiscated by law enforcement -- are melted down and recycled into new products such as cast iron soil pipe and fittings. Mayor Libby Schaaf participated with the destruction of a handgun helping to make the streets of Oakland safer.

“We receive calls from agencies as far north as Redding, California, south into the Central Valley and east all the way to the Nevada border,” said Michael Lowe, general manager of AB&I Foundry.

Local law enforcement, like the Oakland Police Department, have referred other agencies including the Department of Justice out of Sacramento and the Sacramento Sherriff’s Department to AB&I to dispose of their seized or confiscated weapons. Multiple law enforcement agencies contributed confiscated weapons to the gun melt operation that could not be returned to their owners or sold.

“At AB&I Foundry we do our part by working with law enforcement agencies to help them dispose of confiscated weapons, which ultimately  makea our cities safer,” said Lowe. “We invite other law enforcement agencies interested in participating in the operation to contact us.”

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