Clow Valve donates $3,000 to Oskaloosa Police Department

Clow recently donated $3,000 to the Oskaloosa Police Department. This donation will help the department purchase a new police vehicle dedicated to K9 Officer Duke and his handler, Sergeant Austin Rogers. The new car will have the necessary features to accommodate K9 Officer Duke’s needs, ensuring he can be transported safely and comfortably while on duty. In addition, it will enhance their ability to respond swiftly to incidents, provide critical support during operations, and ensure the safety and effectiveness of their work.

K9 Officer Duke is an integral part of the Oskaloosa Police Department and plays a vital role in various law enforcement activities, including search and rescue missions, detecting illegal substances and ensuring public safety during patrols. His handler, Sergeant Austin Rogers, relies on specialized equipment and transportation to maximize Duke’s capabilities and maintain their high level of performance.

This donation from Clow underscores their commitment to supporting local law enforcement and highlights the importance of community involvement in enhancing public safety.