Heather Buwalda, Clow Canada, 17 years

1.What one word or phrase would you use to describe McWane (or your company)?  Connected. I feel the company gives a sense of belonging or that they matter and we are valued.

2.Why do the products you make matter?   The products I feel we make matter because they bring a sense of confidence.  We are doing the best to provide the best product we can. 

3.What is your company’s greatest asset? Its people, expertise or something else?   I feel the employee are the companies greatest assets.  If you treat an employee with respect, they in turn will feel valued and work harder and be loyal to the company.

4.What’s a favorite memory you have from working here?   I don't have a specific memory. I feel like I have grown up with the company.  From my wedding, first house and first child, all these memories are linked in my working for Canada Pipe/Clow Canada. 

5.  McWane is celebrating its 100th anniversary. What do “For Generations” and “Generations of Excellence” mean to you?   It brings me a sense of pride.  I belong to a company with a sense of integrity.