McWane Coal

McWane Coal
  • Location: Birmingham, Alabama
  • Address: 1143 Vanderbilt Rd
    Birmingham, AL 35234
  • Phone: 205-241-4324

About McWane Coal

In 1962, McWane Cast Iron Pipe Company, in Birmingham, Alabama, acquired Empire Coke Company, a foundry coke producer in Holt, Alabama, and the owner of significant coal and timber lands near Sipsey, Alabama. Empire Coke’s plant was built in 1903 and operated the last Semet-Solvay coke ovens in the world until its shutdown, in 2004, after 101 years of service to the foundry industry. The McWane Coal Sales Division has continued to conduct contract coal mining and timber operations that primarily supply products to the local Alabama markets.

McWane Coal produces two grades of coal: the Jefferson coal, which is used by the electric utility industry and industrial products producers (paper, cement, lime) to generate steam for their manufacturing processes; and the Black Creek coal, which is used by the coke industry and activated carbon producers as a base raw material, and used by alloy metal producers (silicon, ferrosilicon, silicon carbide) as a specialized fuel and chemistry agent in their furnace melting processes.

We also have natural mixed timber stands and pine plantations, growing hardwood and pine for the paper and lumber industries.

McWane Coal maintains a reputation for quality products and compliance with all environmental regulations. Our coal mining operations perform reclamation that restores the land to a useful condition amenable to pastures and hunting, and we replant harvested timber lands for a sustainable future.